Chrome and Gmail Extension V2

The ground-up rebuild of the Fundstack Chrome and Gmail Extension is here!

We've greatly improved functionality, reliability, and performance. If currently installed, the Chrome Extension will be updated automatically (Version 2 +). If not, download it on the Chrome Web Store now.!

First you'll notice a new and improved sign-in flow supporting our new authentication system and tied to our web application.

Next you'll be delighted to access more data through the updated user interface and discover additional pipeline and relationship management functionality such as:

  • Improved search capabilities (including global search)
  • Editing categories
  • Adding and removing companies from lists

Finally, you'll be pleased to learn the Chrome and Gmail Extension is now also persistent across all views in Gmail.

This is a ground up rebuild and lays the foundation for fast iteration and many more features and improvements to come. Let us know your thoughts by emailing

In Gmail:

Fundstack's Chrome and Gmail Extension open in Gmail

On websites:

Fundstack's Chrome and Gmail Extension open on the Airtable website