Notes in the Fundstack iOS App

You can now add notes to companies and people in the Fundstack iOS app. The app is availble to download or update in the iOS app right now.

Task Assignment Notification

We added another email notification type, you can now be alerted when someone assigns you a task.

By default this notification will be disabled for all existing users, you can turn this notification on in your account settings.

Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at 22.19.46.png

NLP Task Deadline Improvements

We've improved the way we handle natural language task deadlines.

You'll now see the date or time reference we detected underlined in blue.

Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at 12.43.52.png

Advanced People Export

You can now use our advanced exporter for people. It works in the same way it does for companies and let's you select the export fields and choose between an Excel or .CSV file type.

person export.gif

Lists for People

We've introduced a new feature that allows you to create lists of people.

There's no limit to how many lists you create or how many people are on them, a person can also be on multiple lists.

This is really helpful for tracking potential LPs, guests for events and many other things.

Additionally you can export this lists to CSV so they can be used in marketing tools like MailChimp.

More improvements to Gmail and Chrome extension

We've pushed out another update to our Chrome and Gmail extension.

Version 1.3.x brings the ability to add people from the Fundstack sidebar app in Gmail and Google Inbox and allows you to manually add companies, even if they don't appear in the body of the email.

Google Chrome and Gmail Extension Improvements

This is by far our biggest update to our Chrome and Gmail extension and brings a whole host of improvements and additional functionality.

Within Gmail (and Google Inbox *):

  • Search for a company in Fundstack using the Gmail search bar
  • View company info and timeline next to emails from that company
  • Change company status, owner and add comments to the timeline
  • Add a company to Fundstack if you aren't already tracking them
  • One click BCC to your Fundstack email address

* Google Inbox support is current in Alpha.

From a companies website:

  • View company info and timeline on the companies website
  • Change company status, owner and add comments to the timeline
  • Add a company to Fundstack if you aren't already tracking them

The extension should update automatically, though this may take some time. To update to the latest version now go to chrome://extensions/ and click the Update extensions now button.

If you haven't yet installed the Fundstack Chrome Extension then you can do so in the Google Webstore!

Filter companies by deal team

We've added an additional filter to the companies page, you can now filter by the team members linked to the company.

Email Processing Notifications

As part of our overall improvements to the Inbound Email Processor we have rolled out notification emails for inbound emails.

By default users will only receive notifications if there is an error whilst parsing the email or no companies could be attached to the message. For the more discerning user, notifications for successfully parsed emails can also be enabled under the user settings tab in the top right hand side of the application.

We are constantly working to improve the Email Parser in new ways so should you have any particular requests or suggestions get in touch with and let us know!

The Fundstack iOS app!

We're very excited to announce the launch of our iOS app which is now available to download. Just search for 'Fundstack' in the App Store.

We'd love to hear your feedback at

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