Crunchbase Insights

As one of the most requested features on our Roadmap, we're very happy to announce our Crunchbase integration is live! Our new partnership will significantly increase the depth of the data provided by Fundstack’s enrichment algorithms.

Accessing Crunchbase data within Fundstack

You'll start to see Crunchbase insights on the new Insight tab of Company profiles. We're continuing to enhance the integration and migrate data to your existing company profiles over the coming days.

Mass Updating Company Types

You can now bulk migrate your Companies to your new Company Types!

Mass updating Company Types within Fundstack

Head over to the Companies page and select those that need an update.

Changing Company Types

To make sure you're getting the most out of our new features, we've made changing Company Types easier by adding the functionality directly on the Company Profile. Just press to find the drop-down of options.

Changing company types inline

If you haven't created Company Types yet, you can learn more about how to with our Creating and Managing Company Types support article.

Changing the Company Type will change the available Metadata on the profile, but it will not delete historical data. If you change a type by mistake, you can rest assured that by changing it back you will regain all of the previous values.

Collaborate with Fundstack

We’re happy to introduce our new Roadmap Portal! The perfect place for our users to view what we’re considering, what’s coming next, and weigh in on our roadmap.

You can now:

  • Upvote features and improvements you think we should prioritize
  • Submit new ideas and requests
  • Report bugs you run into on the platform
  • Leave feedback every step of the way

Find the new board at anytime you'd like to check in!

Faster Everything ⚡️

Version 5.5.2 of Fundstack is all about speed!

We've put a huge amount of work into making the application blazingly fast. The improvements are especially noticeably when navigating back to pages that display collections of entities, for example when navigating back to the Kanban pipeline view from a company profile.

We're also working on a blog post about how we improved frontend performance so significantly.

Linked Company and Person Tracking

Understanding the bigger picture is essential to strategic decision making and with our new Linked Company and People Fields, visualizing your relationship management has never been easier.

You can now create fields linking company and people entities in any combination to track beneficial data such as:

  • Past and Co-Investors
  • Company Competitors
  • Advisory and Board Members
  • And so much more

Fundstack's Company Type metadata custom fields These fields can be created under Company and People Types from the Admin Page. See our Setting up Company and People Types article. Let us know how you're using linked fields!

Reinforced Task Management

Tasks are the cornerstone of pipeline management and relationship management, and we're working hard on making sure nothing on your team's to-do list falls through the cracks. This week, we're happy to announce two new features that make task management easier and more convenient throughout Fundstack:

  • A Task Management Bell alerting you of your overdue actions
  • A new and improved Task Management Sidebar allowing you to coordinate team tasks, or your own, while navigating the entire platform

Adding and completing tasks with the Fundstack Task Sidebar

Check it out and let us know if there are other ways we can help your team stay on top of things!

Company and People Types

As our customer base becomes more diverse and integrates Fundstack more tightly into their pipeline and relationship management, we’ve been working on powerful new ways to allow users to track the most relevant data to them, without forcing particular workflows.

Fundstack Company Types Settings

You can now create Company Types such as Venture Capital, Portfolio Company, or Private Equity. Sort relationships by People Types like Limited Partner, Founder, or Service Provider. Then define custom fields that are applicable to each, making sure unnecessary fields don’t clutter your profiles.

Start creating Types from the new Admin page now (support docs here)!

Chrome Extension Enhancements

You spoke, we listened! Based on your feedback, we've improved the Fundstack Chrome Extension quite a bit this week.

Users can now add new companies to their Fundstack account, unassigned to any pipeline, and without any pesky defaults. Also, company owners are now visible within the extension again.

Check it out, and please keep the feedback coming.

Dynamic Task Indicator

We're making the Kanban Pipeline view increasingly useful by improving the quality of information and management functionality available.

Using natural language processing, tasks will now be highlighted according to their deadlines. Approaching due dates will be accentuated, while overdue tasks will be highlighted in red - task management had never been this easy!

Fundstack's Pipeline Statuses

If you missed it - recently we added Reinforced Task Management to manage tasks directly from the board. Click on the task count to open it.

No published changelogs yet.

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