Fundstack is shutting down.

As part of our transition to Attio from the 20th December 00:00am UTC Fundstack will no longer be available.

Before then, we guarantee that you'll be fully migrated if your team has scheduled a migration date before the 10th December.

If your Fundstack Admins haven't scheduled a date yet or if you have any questions, please reach out to

If we aren't able to schedule a migration date with you then we'll keep your data stored safely until we're able to.

Security Enhancements and Audit

As part of our commitment to data security we've completed a security assessment and audit conducted by Bishop Fox. This was required by Google (one of our integration partners) and allows us to continue to work with them through 2020.

The audit covered data security, change management and operational procedures including data recovery.

As part of the security audit we underwent an extended penetration test, which yielded no notable vulnerabilities.

Customers who have a particular interest in the audit results are welcome to get in touch with

Update for iOS

An update for Fundstack's iOS app is now available in the App Store.

This update fixes an issue that prevented users from logging in using Google.

Company People Link Export

We're working on making Fundstack exports more comprehensive for account Admins, starting by releasing one of our most requested export types, the link between Companies and People!

Admin users now have a dedicated Export page on their panels where they can pull Company People Link files.

We'll be adding in more export types in the coming weeks so stay tuned.

Default Company Types

Users can now set Default Company Types from the Admin panel!

Company types are a great way to organize your records, only including relevant Metadata. We heard from a lot of you that Default Company Types would be helpful in keeping your data polished across teams.

Now whenever you add in a new Company (via our web app, email commands, chrome extension, integrations, or iOS) the record is automatically assigned the defaulted type.


Read more about managing Company Types here.

Grouped Activity View

We've added in some key highlights to the Grouped Activity view:


Now view Status changes, Notes, and Funding Rounds in a more concise way.

Additional Filters

We're continuing to enhance Fundstack tables by adding in new Filter and Sorting options.

Users can now:

  • Filter People by Owner
  • Sort People by Last Team Contact
  • Filter Companies by Origination Type

Let us know what else you'd like to see on Tables at!

Improved Notes

For better visibility across teams, we've added in Time Stamps and Authors to each Note.

Organizing and sharing your thoughts on Fundstack just got easier.

Screenshot 2019-10-17 at 16.10.42.png

Uptime Improvements

Over the last six weeks we have experienced several outage events lasting on average of around an hour.

Our engineering team quickly identified the root cause of this issue as originating with a third party infrastructure provider responsible for providing the message queue that allows our internal services to communicate with each other. This queue is essential to the platform functioning well and allows us to handle spikes in demand whilst still serving API requests quickly and at scale. It is a core aspect of modern software architecture and a vital part of our infrastructure here at Fundstack.

As part of our outage response procedures we conduct extensive post mortem investigations and work to remediate the issue. When issues are the result of a failure by a service provider our first action is always to talk to the service provider and attempt to work with them to improve the service moving forward.

Unfortunately we have been unable to find a constructive path of improvement with our existing service provider and have thus started a relationship with a new service provider who can offer us a higher SLA / SLO.

Yesterday that transition was completed with no disruption of service.

We hope this will greatly improve the reliability of our product. Going forward you can monitor the platform status at

Deep Search

We've completely rethought how search works.

Global search now supports:

  1. Fuzziness - Don't worry about spelling errors, we'll retrieve the correct result
  2. Associations - Want to see all of your B2B companies in London? Simply search 'London B2B'
  3. Depth - You can now search geographies, descriptions, and much more


Happy searching!