10s of Small Improvements

We've been Spring cleaning.

Version 3.5.2 of our app features loads of small UI and UX improvements, and performance and stability fixes.

Some of the highlights are:

  • Confirmation dialogues on timeline item deletion
  • Improved Google Maps search for addresses
  • Checks for duplicate names on creation of category and list
  • Pagination at the bottom of all list views (companies, people, etc.)
  • Clear All button on filters
  • And many, many more!

Some of this work has been carried out by our Summer 2018 software engineering intern, Elias, who's with us from the University of Helsinki, you'll be hearing more from him soon!

More Company Data and Edit Options

We've add more social links to companies and people and adding the ability for you to edit company incorporation details when they aren't found in our company database.

New Filter Options and UI

As we added more and more ways to filter companies and people the UI started to become cluttered.

We've been working hard to rework our filter component so we can continue to add more options without using valuable screen real-estate.

Our latest design is now live and includes a whole bunch of new filters.


Add Non-pipeline Companies Through Gmail

Our Gmail extension now let's you optionally define what pipeline stage a company gets added to. The new split button also supports the old behaviour (adding the company to your default status).

Chrome will automatically update your extension over the next day or so.

gmail add.gif

Google Drive Integration [Beta]

We now support Google Team Drive as an alternative to our existing integrations with Dropbox and Box.

The integration works using shared team folders and requires G Suite Enterprise, G Suite Business or G Suite for Education editions. If you are unsure whether your Google Account supports team drives then please contact support who will be able to assist you with your query.

For more information about the integration please see our support documentation.

Zapier Integration [Beta]

Many of you have been using Fundstack with Zapier for many months and have built some really cool integrations.

Today we're opening up the integration to all our users.

You can access the Fundstack Zapier integration here: https://zapier.com/developer/invite/91469/14b69a192f2530e930c510e754310c8e/

Bot Users

Fundstack now welcomes bot users!

As you integrate Fundstack with more third-party applications there are times when you want those application to act through bot users.

For example a company added to your account through Typeform shouldn't be attributed to any particular user in your team, it should be attributed to the "Typeform Bot".

Bot users will be created automatically as you integrate third-party services and can also be created by admins for custom API integrations.

Tracking Organisations Which Are Not Deals

When you add a company in the Fundstack web application you can now set the stage of your pipeline that the company will be inserted at.

You can also choose not to add the company to your pipeline at all. This is helpful when you're tracking organisations that aren't deal opportunities, for example other funds, accelerators and corporate partners.

Not in pipeline.gif

Improvements to our Data Layer

As we've scaled our customer base we've added millions and millions of rows to our database.

To keep everything running smoothly and allow for more complex backend operations we've been working a lot on our data-layer.

Today we carried out the final stage of our migration to our improved infrastructure and all our clients' accounts are now benefiting from it. We're still make small optimisations and improvements so if you have any feedback please let the team know at team@fundstack.com.

It's back 😅

A few days ago we launched a new search experience with a host of new functionality. We also removed a feature and a lot of you let us know you missed it!

We heard you!

You can now (once again) add companies (and now people) straight from the search bar.

Keep the feedback coming: team@fundstack.com

Screen Shot 2018-04-26 at 23.25.42.png

No published changelogs yet.

Surely Fundstack will start publishing changelogs very soon.

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